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Travel Kyrgyzstan with White Leopard Travel Co.

Travel Kyrgyzstan with White Leopard Travel Co.

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan.

A land of high-altitude lakes and even higher mountains, the Kyrygyz Republic has become a premier tourism destination in Central Asia. Can luxury, adventure, and culture co-exist? At White Leopard we believe it can, and invite you to explore what our tour company can offer for your Kyrgyz travels!

Our articles

The White Leopard

Kyrgyzstan - a land of perseverance, resourcefulness, and natural beauty

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Coming to Bishkek

On the peskiness of peaks, which are impossible to lose.

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The Kyrgyz Republic

At the Heart of Central Asia

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Designs Descended

Tracing the Influence of Kyrgyz Design Over Time

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The Toi Table

The Entry Point to Kyrgyz Cuisine

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Calling all Travel Bloggers | Write For Us

Write about your experience traveling in Kyrgyzstan and see it featured on our website!

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Meet a Photographer | Erkalyi Baktiyarov

Look for Erkalyi's work on our website, or follow him on Instagram: @ebaktiyarov

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South Africa to Kyrgyzstan

Instagram: @run_lappies

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Meet a Photographer | Zafer Dincer

Look for Zafer's pictures on our website, or check out his Instagram page @zaferdincher

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From Germany, with Love

My year as a volunteer in the Kyrgyz Rebulic

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