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Wake up to freedom.

The mission of White Leopard Travel is to provide a unique and thoughtful tours to Kyrgyzstan.  This is a beautiful land, where luxury, adventure, and culture co-exist in breathtaking natural wonders.  We live and breathe an understanding of the magic that exists in the mountains, and wish to share that with our guests.  Each element of our tours is carefully selected, and we are ready to customize and adapt according to our clients interests.  


Imagine waking up in a toasty warm cabin, the smell of a fresh new morning calling you to slowly stretch out of bed.  Rugged mountain peaks in bright morning sun greet you as you open the door and take a deep breath.  Your adventure for the day is as you choose, and before it begins a hot traditional Kyrgyz breakfast awaits, complete with plenty of cups of tea.  


There is a freedom in the mountains, high up and far away from the exhausting pulls of life.  The distinctly nomadic culture of Kyrgyzstan still practices and celebrates the tradition of “jailoo”, taking the animals to the mountains for the summer and living in yurts.  It is a beautiful tradition, anticipated by the local people and sought after by nearly every visitor to this region.  For all of its joys that come with going on jailoo, we also understand the difficulties that time in the mountains can present.  Our aim is to take the difficult part out of the experience for our guests.  

Are you seeking tranquil mountain mornings for a yoga session?  Or do you want to traverse spectacular terrain on multi-day trekking adventures?  Are you looking for a week in nature with the family, complete with horse rides and campfires and day hikes and delicious food?  We create that experience, demonstrating the essence of Kyrgyz hospitality in our desire to ensure our guests are well-cared for from beginning to end of their trip.  

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