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Meet a Photographer | Erkalyi Baktiyarov

2020.02.17 743

I am 24 years old. Currently I work in the company NUR Telecom the mobile operator "O!". I’ve been very active from childhood, I like to climb mountains, play basketball and like to trekking and for long distance. I have been involved in photography from 2018. And I strongly regret that I did not start doing photography at least 10 years earlier.My friend noticed my interesting to take ...

South Africa to Kyrgyzstan

2020.02.04 1201

I lived in Kyrgyzstan for 4 years whilst working. Kyrgyzstan is an amazing place and over 4 years I have had the opportunity to travel through this amazing place and meet amazing people. From the onset, the capital was a hustling and bustling place with foreign cuisine around every corner. A must-see is the markets, and one of many to be named is definitely Osh Bazaar. You can be anything and everything here, and exp...

My Trip to Kyrgyzstan

2020.01.23 267

I visited Kyrgyzstan for the first time in May 2019 and stayed for two weeks. I came to see my daughter, who lived there for one year. For the first five days we stayed in Bishkek, where she was working. I had the chance to explore the city and found it impressively big, with many soviet remains like buildings, soldiers in front of the buildings of the government etc. At first glance many things seemed out of ord...

Meet a Photographer | Valentin Bodmer

2020.01.21 448

I am Valentin Bodmer and I live in Switzerland. I would love to share my passion for Kyrgyzstan with you! During the summer of 2018, I travelled the country for two months and had an amazing time. Currently I am studying mechanical engineering and I love to spend my leisure time outdoors. I am always on the quest for the one shot, that perfect timing, the one you will only see once! In Kyrgyzstan there is so...

From Germany, with Love

2020.01.20 633

The year after graduating I spent in Kyrgyzstan, and while there were many things that made my stay memorable, some of the best experiences I definitely made while traveling this beautiful country.Countless times I sat on marschrutkas, staring out of the window at yet another stunning landscape that didn't compare to anything I had seen in my life. Step and brown, dusty hills can change to green meadows to mo...

Meet a Photographer | Zafer Dincer

2019.12.10 1482

Zafer Dincer was born in Shorndorf, Germany and completed his studies at Karadeniz Technical University, near the Black Sea in Turkey. He graduated with a degree in Physics, and began working as a teacher in Cameroon and Kyrgyzstan in 2004. The landscape and culture of Kyrgyzstan inspire his photography, and you'll see many examples of his work throughout our website. He lives in Osh with his family and regul...

Calling all Travel Bloggers | Write For Us

2019.12.09 956

We want to support the travel blogging community that makes the trek to Kyrgyzstan and lives to tell the tale. If you have a travel blog and would like to send us a story with photos about your adventure in Kyrgyzstan, please get in touch with us. Either click "Send Your Story" from the main blog page, or get in touch with us through our Contact page. Or on social media. We would love to hear from y...

Trekking to Ala Kol

2019.12.03 347

Joni and Veronika, friends from Germany, dropped by for a substantial 3-week visit this summer. They know how to vacation right! After a few days in Bishkek, they headed to Karakol, where I caught up with them and our trekking adventures began.Trekking in the mountains is one of the major draws that landed me in Kyrgyzstan in the first place, but in the past two years I had only been to Ala Archa, Skazka Canyon, and ...

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