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Name Joe Labuschagne
Age 45
Country South Africa

South Africa to Kyrgyzstan

I lived in Kyrgyzstan for 4 years whilst working.  Kyrgyzstan is an amazing place and over 4 years I have had the opportunity to travel through this amazing place and meet amazing people.  From the onset, the capital was a hustling and bustling place with foreign cuisine around every corner.  A must-see is the markets, and one of many to be named is definitely Osh Bazaar.  You can be anything and everything here, and experience the rich culture of the amazing nomad Kyrgyz people.

Going out of the city you reach the regions and here things vary even more.  The landscape is breath-taking with amazing mountain scenery and beautiful mountain lakes.  The country is definitely an oasis for hikers and walkers as it stretches for miles and miles.  If you like nature, I can recommend Son-Kul, Arslanbob, Sary-Chelek, and the amazing Walnut forests in the south towards Osh/Jalal-Abad.

Jalal-Abad is also where you can get the most amazing plov, a local rice dish that is at its best in the south.  Kyrgyz food is also something to be experienced, from plov to manty and a definite try for all tourists in the fermented horse milk, or kymyz.

The landscape is always changing as another sight to behold is Lake Issyk-Kul.  This enormous expanse of water is considered the second largest salt water lake in Asia.  At 70km by 170km it is the place to go during the hot Kyrgyz summers.  That is also the amazing part of the country:  tourists can sun themselves around the lake in summer and ski in winter as Kyrgyzstan transforms into a winter wonderland.

Kyrgyzstan is definitely a place everyone should have on their list of places to visit and I promise you that you will be back.  The landscape and amazing hospitality from the Kyrgyz people have made this a second home for me and I will definitely be back at every opportunity.

Name Joe Labuschagne
Age 45
Country South Africa

The landscape and amazing hospitality from the Kyrgyz people have made this a second home for me.

Run Africa | by David Malana

An avid runner, Joe was often embarking on unbelievable long-distance runs throughout Kyrgyzstan. A tribute to his passion for the sport, this video was created by one of Joe's colleagues in Kyrgyzstan, David Malana (@dvdmalana).


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