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Designs Descended

Kyrgyz art is considered to be very nomadic and rich in its traditional heritage. All national ornaments, from the symbol on the flag to the architectural designs in modern homes have been passed down from nomadic tradition over a long period of time. All of these designs, however, can be traced back to early shapes and patterns evident in petroglyphs. Many petroglyphs, images carved on rocks, have been found in Kyrgyzstan. Throughout the eras, Kyrgyz people have developed these images and diversified them into a rich abundance of color and ornamentation that are used in national symbols, housing, decor, and clothes.

Traditionally, Kyrgyz nomad families have lived in tribes in the valleys, changing their location from season to season in order to find fresh food for their livestock. They used to make all of their supplies for everyday use by hand. Women would prepare the materials in order to sew carpets, blankets, pillows, and clothing, by themselves. They focused not only on the quality of these objects, but also on the design, by drawing symbols and images on them. They outlined various elements describing the sky, earth and water signs. Men usually made the house (boz-ui), harness, jewelry, musical instruments, and furniture by hand as well. They identified their handmade work as cultural and traditional by adding these same signs and patterns. Again, most of the patterns reflected the environment and related to the livelihoods of the people, animals and plants. That is how Kyrgyz national design style has appeared and passed through generations.

Jyldyz Apyshova

Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager @ White Leopard Travel.

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