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The Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyzstan is a unique part of Central Asia with a beautiful and pure nature. It's filled with a variety of landscapes and natural attractions. Travelers will discover an untouched land, from spacious valleys and steppes to high-mountain glaciers.

Nestled amongst its infamous neighbors, Kyrgyzstan is dominated by the Tien Shan, a large mountain range that divides the country into northern and southern parts. There are seven regions in Kyrgyzstan, each located in a different valley. Many beautiful natural places are within easy reach of the cities: mountains, nature reserves, lakes and simply charming landscapes are all along the road.

Kyrgyzstan is famous for Lake Issyk-Kul, the second largest alpine lake in the world. Issyk-Kul is also known as "The Pearl of Central Asia", and is one of the must-see places for any visitor to the region. The name translates into English as "hot lake", for the fact that throughout the winter it never freezes over. From its northern shore, the mountain ranges to the south provide spectatular views, and from the southern shore, the peaks of neighboring Kazakhstan can be seen. The lake is revered not only by tourists, but most Kyrgyz families visit each summer to wonder at the view while enjoying the beach and warm water.

All around the lake you will be able to visit breathtaking canyons, filled with colors that change with the seasons. The variations in geography, color, and natural enticements set Kyrygzstan apart within the region, along with the incredible hospitality industry that makes traveling throughout the country both a unique and comfortable experience.

Jyldyz Apyshova

Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager at White Leopard Travel

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