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New Year Through the Ages

In Kyrgyzstan, New Year is loved and celebrated on a large scale, although it has began not so long ago. This custom was introduced during the Soviet Union. Since then New Year became the most favorite holiday.

This holiday is associated with a great feast, gifts, waiting for a miracle, joyful atmosphere and carefree weekends. On a festive night, the entire city centre becomes a pedestrian zone. In Bishkek, mass festivities take place on the main Ala-Too Square, where the country's main Christmas tree is installed. Year by year the New Year's decorations of Bishkek become more and more beautiful. In the city you can see huge luminous art objects.  On stage near the main tree of the country every year there is a show program, music and congratulations all night long. 

Children wait for the main symbolic character of New Year "Ded Moroz" which is Russian Santa Claus with Snow Maiden "Snegurochka" for the whole year. At different matinees children sing songs and prepare dance performances for Ded Moroz and Snegurochka.  They happily perform because they get to receive great presents. 

Many decades ago people did not use any gadgets. The main media was TV. Traditional way of celebrating New Year was watching special  USSR New Year movies and cartoons. Later they started watching Western Christmas movies also. 

Exactly at midnight the townspeople have a big firework and salute. New Year's Eve is ideal for fans of big and noisy companies, fun and surprises. Yet, New Year's Eve is a family gathering. People visit their relatives to celebrate it by making wishes and giving presents. 

They cook the special meals for New Year. There are many requirements on the New Years Eve as the table has to be full of dishes, people have to meet the New Year with their closest people and with a great mood because there is a belief “The beginning of the year sets the tone of its run”. Thus, people wear their prettiest dress, make up, and all happily wait for the time to ring 12:00.

Through many years all major traditions have been followed and basically never changed. 

Jyldyz Apyshova

Assistant Editor and Social Media Manager @ White Leopard Travel Co.

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