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The White Leopard

This beautiful, endangered cat has long made its home in Central Asia, amidst the snow covered regions of “the Heavenly Mountains”.   Often a threat to livestock owners, stories over the centuries have nevertheless warned hunters away from killing this majestic cat.  Now, people of Kyrgyzstan have come to recognize the need to preserve and respect the land that these cats need, and work together to ensure that their livelihood is able to remain intact in several regions throughout the country.  The white leopard had become a symbol of pride, majesty, and ferocity that represents not only this animal, but also the people and history within Kyrgyzstan. 

The story of the Central Asian snow leopard becoming preserved in Kyrgyzstan is also a reflection of the emergence of an independent, value-driven, tradition-steeped country.  Kyrgyz culture and livelihood is deeply rooted in nature, and there is a fundamental understanding of the need to preserve a natural habitat.  As a relatively new, emerging republic, the choice toward perseverance and preservation has been made.  This is a land of natural beauty.  And found here is a nation of people with a natural instinct to love the land.  

While there is a very slight chance that you will see a wild white leopard in person during a visit to Kyrygzstan, you WILL be surrounded by the pervasive spirit to seek out the beauty and majesty of the mountains.  You will be encouraged to steep in the energy of the natural earth, and you will find restoration and wealth in the long-cultivated traditions of the Kyrgyz culture. 

This is the home of The White Leopard.

Ruby Mitchell

Online Content Editor at White Leopard Travel

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