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No visit to Kyrgyzstan is complete without the purchase of a souvenir or two! More often than not, guests may find themselves recipients of gifts that are a standard sample of Kyrgyz handiwork. Souvenirs run the spectrum in terms of quality and authenticity. Felted wool is the name of the game t...

29.04.2020 264

Of Hikes and Treks


Tiny mountain strawberries emerge along a sunny slope as the warm air cocoons our excited limbs. The persistent dustiness of the city is gone. Rushing water and green leaves fill our senses and for the thousandth time, I am in love with Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek is an essential hub for the country, but...

23.04.2020 263

Sea Buckthorn for Healthy Immunity


Hippophae rhamnoides,or Sea Buckthorn, is scrubby bush with long branches, extended thorns, and sturdy willow-like leaves. The bright berries begin to appear in dense bunches along the stem from mid to late summer, and will remain prolific into the fall. It can withstand extreme temps, making it ide...

15.04.2020 396

Aigul | Kyrgyzstan's Moon Flower


Deep in the south of Kyrgyzstan, in the region of Batken, there is a village, next to a mountain. Every year, during the first two or three weeks of April, the orange-red blooms of aigul flowers shoot up and paint the mountain with their beauty. Usually, there is a festival to mark their blooming, f...

08.04.2020 460

Kymyz | The Kyrgyz Cure-All

Nomad Life

Take a summer drive to the mountains, or to Issyk-Kul, or any valley stemming into the ranges of Kyrgyzstan, and you will undoubtedly see the large, hand-painted signs advertising “кымыз”. Kymyz is a form of fermented mare’s milk that gets collected, brewed, and consum...

01.04.2020 409

Nowruz | Spring in a Time of Coronavirus


This past weekend was significant. As a moment in the calendar year, we officially welcomed the season of spring. As a Central Asian culture, the “new year” holiday of Nowruz was recognized. But also in this weekend, Kyrgyz authorities imposed a strict 30-day lockdown and ban on ...

24.03.2020 290

Festivals in Kyrgyzstan


Spring officially begins this week, and thus kicks off not only a season of increased tourism, but also Festival Season! Nowruz festivals will occur throughout the country over the weekend to celebrate the Central Asian “new year” holiday. We will cover more about that traditi...

16.03.2020 440

How to Be Vegetarian in Kyrgyzstan


Reality on the ground: Kyrgyz people LOVE meat, and not without good reason. Most meat consumed in Kyrgyzstan is homegrown: born, bred, traded, and raised in backyards and mountain pastures. Nomadic culture depended on food sources that could walk and transport themselves, and deep values of hospit...

11.03.2020 326

Tenacious and Beautiful | Women in Charge


In celebration of Women on the 8th of March, this seems an appropriate time to dive into the stories of three notable women, woven into the hearts and ethos of modern day Kyrgyzstan.In the history of Kyrgyzstan, women as authority figures are not common, but there are a few that truly stand out for ...

09.03.2020 286

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