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Kyz Kuumai | Girl Chasing


Horse games are a staple element of Kyrgyz culture and tradition. For centuries, young men show off their prowess, strength, and horsemanship through races, wrestling matches, hunting demonstrations, and polo-like games. But women have their place among these horse games as well, and in recognition ...

06.03.2020 584

Kalpak Day!

Nomad Life

The iconic cap of Central Asia was constitutionally recognized as a cultural symbol in 2016. Since then, every March 5th a sea of white hats fill the streets as men gather to celebrate the national pride and symbolism that is epitomized in the kalpak.Traditionally these headpieces are called ak-kalp...

05.03.2020 366

Five Foods to Try in Kyrgyzstan


We’ve already talked about besh barmak, the Kyrgyz national dish, but there are plenty of other delicious foods to test out when taking a journey through Kyrygzstan. #1: KurutThis is the traditional Central Asian snack. Kurut is hard describe, and much better to experience. In essence, it ...

02.03.2020 263

Traditional Dances


At the end of this article is a video of a girl performing a solo version of a Kyrgyz dance. I sat down to talk with her the other day to ask about the history and symbolism of the movements in traditional Kyrgyz dances.In general, Kyrgyz dances are performed in an ensemble, with the movements for e...

06.03.2020 219

Too-Ashuu | Skiing at the Pass


High above the world, the road from Bishkek to Suusamyr burrows through the mountain for 3 kilometers in a dark, narrow tunnel. This tunnel, constructed by the engineers that developed the Metro system in Moscow, replaced an original gravel road that climbed all the way to the crest of the 3,594 me...

26.02.2020 344

Kyrgyz Language Lesson #1

Nomad Life

Kyrgyz sounds like it is merrily tripping and skipping through a mountain meadow with its Ts, Ks, Rs, and Ngs. But it is equally happy wrapped up in a blanket and hibernating through a cold winter, with the Oos, the Uus, Shs, and Zs. Trying to learn it requires a remastery of lip movement and vowel ...

24.02.2020 307

Of Gods and Goddesses


At the intersection of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China, there rises a stunning, pyramid-shaped peak called Khan-Tengri. The name of this peak comes from the Turkic god of sky and creation: Tengri. The pantheon of Turkic gods of which Tengri ruled was worshiped by people throughout the Central ...

20.02.2020 468

Lepyoshka | The Pretty Round Bread


As of yet, we’ve only alluded to it, but now is the time to discuss the third essential of a traditional Kyrgyz table: bread! For all of the gluten-free eaters (by force or by choice), you’ll want to skip this one. Next to sugar and tea, bread will always be present in a Kyrgyz h...

17.02.2020 877

Kok Moinok | The Trending Canyon


This winter, the local tour operators are booming with business. Trips to Ara Kol Lake and Kok Moinok Canyon are selling out every weekend. A relatively easy drive from Bishkek, these fascinating canyons provide blissfully colorful backdrop for selfies and photo ops. They also provide a brief respit...

13.02.2020 450

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