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Nowruz | Spring in a Time of Coronavirus


This past weekend was significant. As a moment in the calendar year, we officially welcomed the season of spring. As a Central Asian culture, the “new year” holiday of Nowruz was recognized. But also in this weekend, Kyrgyz authorities imposed a strict 30-day lockdown and ban on ...

24.03.2020 227

Aigul | Kyrgyzstan's Moon Flower


Deep in the south of Kyrgyzstan, in the region of Batken, there is a village, next to a mountain. Every year, during the first two or three weeks of April, the orange-red blooms of aigul flowers shoot up and paint the mountain with their beauty. Usually, there is a festival to mark their blooming, f...

08.04.2020 319

Coming to Bishkek


If you fly into Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, at dusk, the last rays of sunshine will highlight rugged, snow-capped ranges that seem impossibly close. The mountains take your breath away, and it seems impossible to take your eyes off of them once they are in view. The good news, for you, is th...

26.02.2020 1005

World Nomad Games | The Village


Imagine being transported in a moment to another time and place. One road, one day, a beautiful lake comes into view, and then… magic. You’re in a nomadic land, hundreds of years ago, with the outfits, smells, sounds, and language of that time surrounding you. As the Olympics ta...

13.12.2019 178

W.O.W. | Skiing


It snowed over the weekend here in Bishkek, and in recognition of this common winter occurrence, we are producing a “Week of White” series for White Leopard Travel Magazine.Our first topic focuses on an all-white activitiy: Skiing! In the mountains near Suu Samyr, at the reso...

26.02.2020 315

Burana Tower | Balasagun


About 40 km from Bishkek, this historic tower presides over the wide valley that spans the region between Bishkek and Issyk-Kul. Karakhanids, an Islamic Turkic group related to the Uyghurs, took dominance in the region in the 10th century. They established three major cities for trading purposes alo...

14.02.2020 268

Barskoon Valley


Branching southward from Lake Issyk Kul, Barskoon Valley has long held a historic role in the world of commerce. Silk Road traders from China made their way over Bedel Pass and navigated toward the lake, using the route that weaves through Barskoon. Today that same route is marked with a graded dir...

21.01.2020 239

Winter is Coming | G.o.T. and Kyrgyz Tourism


Coincidentally, or ironically, GoT aired its first season in 2011, which is also the year when Kyrgyzstan saw a significant bump in income from tourism that has steadily increased ever since (WTTC). The final season of GoT aired at this time last year, and as in most places in the world, it had a s...

29.01.2020 274

Ara Kөl


Almost impossible to find, this tiny little lake sits on the edge of a village in Naryn, just down the road from Kochkor. The road is rough, the village is tiny, and the immediate scenery… well, not the usual for breathtaking Kyrgyzstan. You might wonder if this could be the right place...

05.02.2020 239

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