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Birds of Prey

Nomad Life

The art, sport, and livelihood of eagle hunting has existed in Kyrgyzstan for hundreds of years. Generation after generation of munushkor, eagle hunters, have kept the tradition alive since the 12th century, when hunting with eagles arrived with Mongols during their conquest of the territory. The tr...

11.02.2020 323

The Statue Game


Bishkek is an incredibly walkable city. Big wide sidewalks and plenty of trees create shady retreats during the heat of the summer, and parks abound in the soviet-influenced urban plan. Also crafted into those plans, and adding to the aesthetic appeal of pedestrian thruways, are an abundance of monu...

07.02.2020 355

Ara Kөl


Almost impossible to find, this tiny little lake sits on the edge of a village in Naryn, just down the road from Kochkor. The road is rough, the village is tiny, and the immediate scenery… well, not the usual for breathtaking Kyrgyzstan. You might wonder if this could be the right place...

05.02.2020 300

National Symbols of Kyrgyzstan


The National Flower of Kyrgyzstan: TulipIn brilliant reds, orange, purples, and yellows, the national flower of Kyrgyzstan is the finicky but faithful, bulbiferous tulip. In the wilds of Kyrgyzstan, there are 27 types of native tulips to be found, some quite rare, and spectacular. Mostly found in th...

03.02.2020 771

Bizarre Bazaars | Shopping in Kyrgyzstan


Osh bazaar, Ortosai bazaar, Alameddin bazaar, Town bazaar, Dordoi bazaar… Every corner of Bishkek has its place to shop, and every town in Kyrgyzstan has its central market, either open every day or exploding into an empty lot once a week.Like many places, Kyrgyz markets are ablaze with c...

31.01.2020 283

Winter is Coming | G.o.T. and Kyrgyz Tourism


Coincidentally, or ironically, GoT aired its first season in 2011, which is also the year when Kyrgyzstan saw a significant bump in income from tourism that has steadily increased ever since (WTTC). The final season of GoT aired at this time last year, and as in most places in the world, it had a s...

29.01.2020 339

Komuz | The Kyrgyz Guitar


The traditional Kyrgyz komuz is a three-stringed instrument, with an elongated pear-shaped body. Usually a komuz is crafted from one piece of wood - apricot or walnut being the most common. In the past, the strings were formed from the intestinal sinews of sheep or goat, but today synthetic strings ...

27.01.2020 749

The Epic of Manas


The legend of Manas is written in poetic fashion, containing approximately 500,000 lines. and thus considerably longer than the Illiad (from Greece) or Mahabbarata (from India). According to the story, Manas was born in present-day Talas, sometime between the 9th and 11th centuries. Talas is a long ...

24.01.2020 379

Chai Ich | Drink Tea


An imperative command that is anything but rhetorical, “chai ich” is the summons to the table. Multiple times throughout the day, tea and bread are enjoyed by Kyrgyz families, friends and colleagues. A few of those times a much larger meal is eaten, but the presence of tea is ind...

28.01.2020 522

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