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Barskoon Valley


Branching southward from Lake Issyk Kul, Barskoon Valley has long held a historic role in the world of commerce. Silk Road traders from China made their way over Bedel Pass and navigated toward the lake, using the route that weaves through Barskoon. Today that same route is marked with a graded dir...

21.01.2020 298

Burana Tower | Balasagun


About 40 km from Bishkek, this historic tower presides over the wide valley that spans the region between Bishkek and Issyk-Kul. Karakhanids, an Islamic Turkic group related to the Uyghurs, took dominance in the region in the 10th century. They established three major cities for trading purposes alo...

14.02.2020 317

Jibek Jolu | The Silk Road


Running along the northern edge of Bishkek is Jibek Jolu, a main through-way that allows a fairly simple bypass of the city, through bypassing the city is unheard of behavior. All roads lead to and from Bishkek, right? A quick look at the history books will set us aright. Present-day Jibek Jolu is r...

13.01.2020 273

Winter Holidays in Kyrgyzstan


жаны жылыңар менен! с новым годом!The most widely celebrated holiday in Kyrgyzstan has just passed, but surrounding the New Year celebrations the holiday season is thriving in its full glory. As in much of the world, the winter holidays are anticipated with increasing excitement throughout the year,...

04.01.2020 265

New Year Through the Ages

Nomad Life

In Kyrgyzstan, New Year is loved and celebrated on a large scale, although it has began not so long ago. This custom was introduced during the Soviet Union. Since then New Year became the most favorite holiday. This holiday is associated with a great feast, gifts, waiting for a miracle, joyful at...

20.01.2020 281

W.O.W. | Ak Jol

Nomad Life

In Kyrgyz culture, the color white occurs in various meanings and descriptions. Usually it is associated with purity and goodness in contrast to black, which is evil. This value goes back for many years, and in Kyrgyz language it is called “Ak”. People highlighted the white colo...

25.12.2019 538

W.O.W. | Wool Felt


Working with felt is a labor-intensive process, but the result is a product that lasts… and lasts… and lasts. It begins with collecting the wool (usually sheared by men) and cleaning it (a tedious process in which even children will get enlisted). After the wool is picked cle...

20.12.2019 329

W.O.W. | Kant


“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.”-Immanuel KantTo much of the world, “kant” evokes images of an 18th century Prussian philosopher, but in Kyrgyzstan the word is much more common, although less quotab...

19.12.2019 306

W.O.W. | Aksakal


If you hike into Barskoon valley, chances are you’ll be headed for the Aksakal waterfall, also known as “the elder’s beard”. Spectacular in the summertime, it’s the winter that really gives these falls their name. On deeply cold, clear days, climbers...

25.12.2019 307

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