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W.O.W. | Skiing


It snowed over the weekend here in Bishkek, and in recognition of this common winter occurrence, we are producing a “Week of White” series for White Leopard Travel Magazine.Our first topic focuses on an all-white activitiy: Skiing! In the mountains near Suu Samyr, at the reso...

26.02.2020 382

Bo Zui, aka Yurt


Behold the boz ui - traditional Kyrgyz housing - a marvelous culmination of creativity, intelligence, and art.It has a long historical background, dating back to 1000 B.C.E. among nomads of Central Asia. Nomads lived in tribes and changed their locations with seasonal changes in order to find new fi...

16.12.2019 378

Besh Barmak


“Besh” = five “Barmak” = finger The national dish of Kyrgyzstan is traditionally eaten without utensils, hence the name: besh barmak. Very little is required to make this dish, though a true platter of besh barmak represents at least 4 or 5 hours of ...

13.12.2019 381

World Nomad Games | The Sports


Competition and sportsmanship are an integral piece of the nomadic tradition and Central Asian culture. Most of the sporting events at the World Nomad Games have their roots in practical skills required by people living on and with the land. Traditionally, hunters and shepherds would develop their s...

13.12.2019 257

World Nomad Games | The Village


Imagine being transported in a moment to another time and place. One road, one day, a beautiful lake comes into view, and then… magic. You’re in a nomadic land, hundreds of years ago, with the outfits, smells, sounds, and language of that time surrounding you. As the Olympics ta...

13.12.2019 204

Jailoo | Kyrgyz Nomadic Tradition

Nomad Life

If there is anything that could be considered distinctly Kyrgyz, it is the nomadic lifestyle. The traditional nomad follows the seasons, answering the call of the mountains or the valleys as they care for their family’s livestock. In April and May, driving through the Too Ashu pass will in...

13.12.2019 321

The Toi Table


Kyrgyz culture is known for its hospitality. Kyrygz people honorably meet guests with lots of national food and presents. They believe that guests bring luck and blessing to their family. Thus, they treat guests as generously as possible. Usually guests come over without invitation, and every family...

13.12.2019 1036

Designs Descended


Kyrgyz art is considered to be very nomadic and rich in its traditional heritage. All national ornaments, from the symbol on the flag to the architectural designs in modern homes have been passed down from nomadic tradition over a long period of time. All of these designs, however, can be traced bac...

13.12.2019 1159

The Kyrgyz Republic

Nomad Life

Kyrgyzstan is a unique part of Central Asia with a beautiful and pure nature. It's filled with a variety of landscapes and natural attractions. Travelers will discover an untouched land, from spacious valleys and steppes to high-mountain glaciers. Nestled amongst its infamous neighbors, K...

13.12.2019 1074

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