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Five Foods to Try in Kyrgyzstan


We’ve already talked about besh barmak, the Kyrgyz national dish, but there are plenty of other delicious foods to test out when taking a journey through Kyrygzstan. #1: KurutThis is the traditional Central Asian snack. Kurut is hard describe, and much better to experience. In essence, it ...

02.03.2020 203

How to Be Vegetarian in Kyrgyzstan


Reality on the ground: Kyrgyz people LOVE meat, and not without good reason. Most meat consumed in Kyrgyzstan is homegrown: born, bred, traded, and raised in backyards and mountain pastures. Nomadic culture depended on food sources that could walk and transport themselves, and deep values of hospit...

11.03.2020 254

Sea Buckthorn for Healthy Immunity


Hippophae rhamnoides,or Sea Buckthorn, is scrubby bush with long branches, extended thorns, and sturdy willow-like leaves. The bright berries begin to appear in dense bunches along the stem from mid to late summer, and will remain prolific into the fall. It can withstand extreme temps, making it ide...

15.04.2020 314

Designs Descended


Kyrgyz art is considered to be very nomadic and rich in its traditional heritage. All national ornaments, from the symbol on the flag to the architectural designs in modern homes have been passed down from nomadic tradition over a long period of time. All of these designs, however, can be traced bac...

13.12.2019 1001

Bo Zui, aka Yurt


Behold the boz ui - traditional Kyrgyz housing - a marvelous culmination of creativity, intelligence, and art.It has a long historical background, dating back to 1000 B.C.E. among nomads of Central Asia. Nomads lived in tribes and changed their locations with seasonal changes in order to find new fi...

16.12.2019 286

W.O.W. | Wool Felt


Working with felt is a labor-intensive process, but the result is a product that lasts… and lasts… and lasts. It begins with collecting the wool (usually sheared by men) and cleaning it (a tedious process in which even children will get enlisted). After the wool is picked cle...

20.12.2019 276

The Epic of Manas


The legend of Manas is written in poetic fashion, containing approximately 500,000 lines. and thus considerably longer than the Illiad (from Greece) or Mahabbarata (from India). According to the story, Manas was born in present-day Talas, sometime between the 9th and 11th centuries. Talas is a long ...

24.01.2020 290

Komuz | The Kyrgyz Guitar


The traditional Kyrgyz komuz is a three-stringed instrument, with an elongated pear-shaped body. Usually a komuz is crafted from one piece of wood - apricot or walnut being the most common. In the past, the strings were formed from the intestinal sinews of sheep or goat, but today synthetic strings ...

27.01.2020 590

The Statue Game


Bishkek is an incredibly walkable city. Big wide sidewalks and plenty of trees create shady retreats during the heat of the summer, and parks abound in the soviet-influenced urban plan. Also crafted into those plans, and adding to the aesthetic appeal of pedestrian thruways, are an abundance of monu...

07.02.2020 286

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