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Kok Moinok | The Trending Canyon


This winter, the local tour operators are booming with business. Trips to Ara Kol Lake and Kok Moinok Canyon are selling out every weekend. A relatively easy drive from Bishkek, these fascinating canyons provide blissfully colorful backdrop for selfies and photo ops. They also provide a brief respit...

13.02.2020 393

Too-Ashuu | Skiing at the Pass


High above the world, the road from Bishkek to Suusamyr burrows through the mountain for 3 kilometers in a dark, narrow tunnel. This tunnel, constructed by the engineers that developed the Metro system in Moscow, replaced an original gravel road that climbed all the way to the crest of the 3,594 me...

26.02.2020 308

Festivals in Kyrgyzstan


Spring officially begins this week, and thus kicks off not only a season of increased tourism, but also Festival Season! Nowruz festivals will occur throughout the country over the weekend to celebrate the Central Asian “new year” holiday. We will cover more about that traditi...

16.03.2020 374

Of Hikes and Treks


Tiny mountain strawberries emerge along a sunny slope as the warm air cocoons our excited limbs. The persistent dustiness of the city is gone. Rushing water and green leaves fill our senses and for the thousandth time, I am in love with Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek is an essential hub for the country, but...

23.04.2020 231

The Kyrgyz Republic

Nomad Life

Kyrgyzstan is a unique part of Central Asia with a beautiful and pure nature. It's filled with a variety of landscapes and natural attractions. Travelers will discover an untouched land, from spacious valleys and steppes to high-mountain glaciers. Nestled amongst its infamous neighbors, K...

13.12.2019 971

Jailoo | Kyrgyz Nomadic Tradition

Nomad Life

If there is anything that could be considered distinctly Kyrgyz, it is the nomadic lifestyle. The traditional nomad follows the seasons, answering the call of the mountains or the valleys as they care for their family’s livestock. In April and May, driving through the Too Ashu pass will in...

13.12.2019 287

W.O.W. | Ak Jol

Nomad Life

In Kyrgyz culture, the color white occurs in various meanings and descriptions. Usually it is associated with purity and goodness in contrast to black, which is evil. This value goes back for many years, and in Kyrgyz language it is called “Ak”. People highlighted the white colo...

25.12.2019 471

New Year Through the Ages

Nomad Life

In Kyrgyzstan, New Year is loved and celebrated on a large scale, although it has began not so long ago. This custom was introduced during the Soviet Union. Since then New Year became the most favorite holiday. This holiday is associated with a great feast, gifts, waiting for a miracle, joyful at...

20.01.2020 254

Birds of Prey

Nomad Life

The art, sport, and livelihood of eagle hunting has existed in Kyrgyzstan for hundreds of years. Generation after generation of munushkor, eagle hunters, have kept the tradition alive since the 12th century, when hunting with eagles arrived with Mongols during their conquest of the territory. The tr...

11.02.2020 291

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