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Aigul | Kyrgyzstan's Moon Flower


Deep in the south of Kyrgyzstan, in the region of Batken, there is a village, next to a mountain. Every year, during the first two or three weeks of April, the orange-red blooms of aigul flowers shoot up and paint the mountain with their beauty. Usually, there is a festival to mark their blooming, f...

08.04.2020 460

Nowruz | Spring in a Time of Coronavirus


This past weekend was significant. As a moment in the calendar year, we officially welcomed the season of spring. As a Central Asian culture, the “new year” holiday of Nowruz was recognized. But also in this weekend, Kyrgyz authorities imposed a strict 30-day lockdown and ban on ...

24.03.2020 290

Tenacious and Beautiful | Women in Charge


In celebration of Women on the 8th of March, this seems an appropriate time to dive into the stories of three notable women, woven into the hearts and ethos of modern day Kyrgyzstan.In the history of Kyrgyzstan, women as authority figures are not common, but there are a few that truly stand out for ...

09.03.2020 286

Kyz Kuumai | Girl Chasing


Horse games are a staple element of Kyrgyz culture and tradition. For centuries, young men show off their prowess, strength, and horsemanship through races, wrestling matches, hunting demonstrations, and polo-like games. But women have their place among these horse games as well, and in recognition ...

06.03.2020 584

Of Gods and Goddesses


At the intersection of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China, there rises a stunning, pyramid-shaped peak called Khan-Tengri. The name of this peak comes from the Turkic god of sky and creation: Tengri. The pantheon of Turkic gods of which Tengri ruled was worshiped by people throughout the Central ...

20.02.2020 468

National Symbols of Kyrgyzstan


The National Flower of Kyrgyzstan: TulipIn brilliant reds, orange, purples, and yellows, the national flower of Kyrgyzstan is the finicky but faithful, bulbiferous tulip. In the wilds of Kyrgyzstan, there are 27 types of native tulips to be found, some quite rare, and spectacular. Mostly found in th...

03.02.2020 771

Jibek Jolu | The Silk Road


Running along the northern edge of Bishkek is Jibek Jolu, a main through-way that allows a fairly simple bypass of the city, through bypassing the city is unheard of behavior. All roads lead to and from Bishkek, right? A quick look at the history books will set us aright. Present-day Jibek Jolu is r...

13.01.2020 273

Winter Holidays in Kyrgyzstan


жаны жылыңар менен! с новым годом!The most widely celebrated holiday in Kyrgyzstan has just passed, but surrounding the New Year celebrations the holiday season is thriving in its full glory. As in much of the world, the winter holidays are anticipated with increasing excitement throughout the year,...

04.01.2020 265

W.O.W. | Aksakal


If you hike into Barskoon valley, chances are you’ll be headed for the Aksakal waterfall, also known as “the elder’s beard”. Spectacular in the summertime, it’s the winter that really gives these falls their name. On deeply cold, clear days, climbers...

25.12.2019 307

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