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Sea Buckthorn for Healthy Immunity


Hippophae rhamnoides,or Sea Buckthorn, is scrubby bush with long branches, extended thorns, and sturdy willow-like leaves. The bright berries begin to appear in dense bunches along the stem from mid to late summer, and will remain prolific into the fall. It can withstand extreme temps, making it ide...

15.04.2020 396

How to Be Vegetarian in Kyrgyzstan


Reality on the ground: Kyrgyz people LOVE meat, and not without good reason. Most meat consumed in Kyrgyzstan is homegrown: born, bred, traded, and raised in backyards and mountain pastures. Nomadic culture depended on food sources that could walk and transport themselves, and deep values of hospit...

11.03.2020 326

Five Foods to Try in Kyrgyzstan


We’ve already talked about besh barmak, the Kyrgyz national dish, but there are plenty of other delicious foods to test out when taking a journey through Kyrygzstan. #1: KurutThis is the traditional Central Asian snack. Kurut is hard describe, and much better to experience. In essence, it ...

02.03.2020 263

Lepyoshka | The Pretty Round Bread


As of yet, we’ve only alluded to it, but now is the time to discuss the third essential of a traditional Kyrgyz table: bread! For all of the gluten-free eaters (by force or by choice), you’ll want to skip this one. Next to sugar and tea, bread will always be present in a Kyrgyz h...

17.02.2020 877

Bizarre Bazaars | Shopping in Kyrgyzstan


Osh bazaar, Ortosai bazaar, Alameddin bazaar, Town bazaar, Dordoi bazaar… Every corner of Bishkek has its place to shop, and every town in Kyrgyzstan has its central market, either open every day or exploding into an empty lot once a week.Like many places, Kyrgyz markets are ablaze with c...

31.01.2020 283

Chai Ich | Drink Tea


An imperative command that is anything but rhetorical, “chai ich” is the summons to the table. Multiple times throughout the day, tea and bread are enjoyed by Kyrgyz families, friends and colleagues. A few of those times a much larger meal is eaten, but the presence of tea is ind...

28.01.2020 522

W.O.W. | Kant


“Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.”-Immanuel KantTo much of the world, “kant” evokes images of an 18th century Prussian philosopher, but in Kyrgyzstan the word is much more common, although less quotab...

19.12.2019 306

Besh Barmak


“Besh” = five “Barmak” = finger The national dish of Kyrgyzstan is traditionally eaten without utensils, hence the name: besh barmak. Very little is required to make this dish, though a true platter of besh barmak represents at least 4 or 5 hours of ...

13.12.2019 381

The Toi Table


Kyrgyz culture is known for its hospitality. Kyrygz people honorably meet guests with lots of national food and presents. They believe that guests bring luck and blessing to their family. Thus, they treat guests as generously as possible. Usually guests come over without invitation, and every family...

13.12.2019 1036

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