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3 days, 2 nights

May 29, 2020 —
May 31, 2020

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Leave the computer aside for a few days and experience life as a true nomad, cooking over a fire, sleeping in a yurt, and caring for animals while they graze in summer pastures. 
This 3-day trip takes you to Suusamyr for a deep immersion into the cultural roots of Kyrgyzstan.

Day 1 | Suusamyr Valley

Depart Bishkek at 8:00am and drive to Suusamyr valley (Jailoo).  Nomad people live in the yurt, so after a light picnic, we will build our home for the next two nights.   After building the yurt we will get oriented to the landmarks and characteristics of Suusamyr valley while meeting a local shepherd to help round up and count his livestock.

After gathering the animals, we will cook dinner in a kazan on the fire. Everyone will be involved in the cooking process, including getting the fire started!  As per nomad tradition, everyone will sit in the yurt around the table and to enjoy an amazing self-cooked meal with tea.

After dinner, sit by the fire outside to marvel at the stars, or cozy up inside the yurt with a book.

Day 2 | Shepherd Day

An early wake up call for those that would like to try their hand at milking a cow.  We will then help you to cook the milk for breakfast.  Coffee, bread, cheese, and other breakfast essentials can also be prepared as you choose!

After a good meal, we will take care of the livestock.  Keep an eye on the animals while walking or riding a horse through the beautiful space known as jailoo.  Ask questions, tell stories, learn songs, and learn how traditional nomads fill up their days in the mountains.  

Dinner will again be cooked over the fire, and after the meal we will play Kyrgyz national games: “Arkan tartyshmai” (Tug of War), “Jooluk tashtamay” (Toss a Scarf), and “Kartoshka” (Potato) - all common games with Kyrgyz youth.

 Day 3 | Return to Bishkek

After breakfast we will see the animals off and take down the yurt.  After that you will have free time before it is time to start working on lunch.

After eating and enjoying a final cup of fire-brewed tea, it’s time to say good bye to Suusamyr Valley and return to Bishkek. 

“Nomad” - a person that travels from place to place. A wanderer.

What to bring

·        sunglasses

·        sun cream.

·        hat 


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